Marble glass wall surface.
Marble glass floor tiles.
Marble glass counter top.

Marble Glass

Marble Glass has all the features of glass combined with the qualities of stone. The final result is a flat, strong and elegant element.
The looks are very similar to marble but with better features in terms of hardness, brightness and durability.

BCL is the supplier of high quality Marble Glass to be used for wall surfacing, floors tiles, columns, stairs, kitchen countertops, bartops, bathroom vanities, tabletops, furnitures etc. We supply the Marble Glass in various thicknesses and sizes according to our costumers demand. Thanks to our processing capabilities, Marble Glass at 12mm thickness can also be processed like a normal glass giving it even more advantages over normal stone or marble. Marble glass is available at thicknesses 12 - 18 - 30 mm. 

Marble Glass is an elegant and modern solution to today's need for covering surfaces.

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