European Standards, manufactured in China.

Basic China Limited is an established supplier of aluminum products for the commercial and residential sectors.
BCL supplies a wide variety of aluminum products to be used in kitchen cabinets, furniture, shower cabins, construction, solar systems etc. BCL’s knowledge and resources provides a solution for your aluminum products request!
BCL is based in Hong Kong and internationally represents Chinese manufacturers of various aluminum products. We operate
for more than a decade in the field of aluminum and have a deep knowledge of aluminum products, development and it's markets.

We work in a close relationship with our customers through out Europe and North America.

BCL guarantees highest quality. All our products passes a strict quality control according to European Standards. We inspect our products during and after the production process and by that we assure highest quality of our products.

Feel free to contact us for a quotation. You will benefit from a European Standard products, manufactured in China at the most competitive price!

Our products

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