Orders & Deliveries

Basic China Limited accompanies you from the moment you place your order until your goods are safely received. You will be frequently updated about your order status so you will always know in what production step your order is.

If requested we are able to provide logistic services such as inland freights, container freights etc.


Product sourcing

Besides delivering our standard products we also develop customized products (OEM) in a relationship with our customers and suppliers. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet our customers various needs and any special requirements.
If requested we are able to provide the service of keeping stock of your running items in order to be able to make rapid deliveries.


Manufacturing in China

Basic China Limited offers retailers and manufacturers a unique opportunity to manufacture their products in China. BCL guarantees to provide you the suitable manufacturing facilities assuring high service and quality. It is very common for businesses to look towards China, to cut-costs, simply by decreasing the manufacturing cost, maintaining the selling price and hence increasing profit.
BCL applies a strict quality control during and after the production of your goods. Our quality control is according to European standards and BCL guarantee goods at European standards.